Direction… Sibi Malayil.


This movie was  a great musical hit and  highest money spinner of that year.

The film won two National Film Awards—Best Supporting Actor for Venu and Best Male Playback Singer for M. G. Sreekumar for the song “Naadaroopini”. Raveendran won the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director – Malayalam.


Udaya Varma is a weathy  man from a prestigious family. Udaya Varma’s wife Bhagirathi Thampuratti has fallen into depression after the untimely death of their son Unni. She is locked up at home and looked after by Udaya Varma’s daughter Radha….

Ravi Varma, his father Prabhakara Varma, Rajaraja Varma, and his father Kesava Pillai, plan to kill to possess his money…

Ravi Varma and the group fear that Udaya Varma might will his wealth to Radha, being his adopted daughter, who is believed to be born of an illicit relationship of Thampuran’s maid with another servant.

The group is helped by Cheriyachan Thampuran, the blind uncle of Thampuran, who also eyes King’s wealth. He  helps them with a plan to get a share of the money….

Ravi Varma goes to Mumbai to bring a don to kill Uday Varma…He meets one Jamal who is willing to help him.


Abdulla is a less known Qawwali singer in Mumbai…
He introduces Ravi Varma to Abdullah. …Abdullah is in need of money and agrees to help him after repeated plea from Jamal…

Abdullah disguises himself as Ananthan Namboothiri and meets Thampuran stating that he is Ravi Varma’s friend who wants to study the palace.

Thampuran doesn’t approve the idea at first but later obliged…, however he allows him to stay a couple of days at the palace.

But  thare was an unexpected turn of events…..


Bhagirathi Thampuratti thinks Ananthan is Unni . This has made a tremendous improvement her health…

Once, the day Thampuran  wants to ask  Ananthan to leave.. he heard him singing  the famous ” Pramadhavanam” song, which impresses Thampuran and he starts liking him.

Radha loves Ananthan…

Radha falls in love with him. Thamburan started treating him like his family member….
Gupthan, the King’s younger nephew, on finding that Radha is in love with Ananthan, misleads Ramanattukara Ananthan Namboodirippad, a famous musician, telling him that Ananthan is spreading rumours to spoil his name…..

Enraged by hearing this, Namboodirippad travels to the palace and competes with Ananthan, singing the famous “Devasabhathalam”, after which he understands that Gupthan mislead him and is highly impressed with Ananthan.

Ravi Varma and group loses patience and  urges  Ananthan to kill Varma. Ananthan one day realises that Thampuran is an old friend of his father. Thampuran also tells Ananthan that Radha was brought up by him as his daughter after the demise of Unni. Thampuran also requests Ananthan to marry her.


Ananthan, unable to kill Thampuran pleads to the group that he cannot kill him. The group gets angry and Ravi Varma travels to Bombay to find another killer.


He comes back with Kabir, a goon from Bombay to kill Thampuran. Thampuran identifies that Ananthan is a Muslim named Abdullah when he accidentally sees Ananthan and Jamal performing daily Namaz.

Ananthan tells Thampuran that he is surrounded by enemies from his own family and he can save him. But Thampuran refuses.

Next morning, Thampuran is found to have disappeared. Kabir and his other friends  try to find Thampuran and indulge in a fight with Ananthan.

Ananthan overpowers him . After the fight is over, Ananthan releases Thampuran, whom he had locked up in a room in order to save him from Kabir.

Thampuran realises that Ananthan is his friend’s son and feels sorry for having disbelieved him.

He requests Ananthan to stay in the palace as Unni and marry Radha. He names Radha as the successor to all his wealth.After so much hesitation he agrees and everyone was so happy…


List of Malayalam Songs from the movie His Highness Abdulla

1…Thu badi  masha…….KJ Yesudas, ChorusMadhu (Bihar)Raveendran.


KJ Yesudas, Raveendran, Sharreth.KaithapramRaveendran

.4..Gopikaa  vasantham
KJ Yesudas,  KSChithra..


.6..Devasabhaathalam…KJ Yesudas, MG Sreekumar, Sharreth.KaithapramRaveendran

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An award, sometimes called a distinction, is something given to a recipient as a token of recognition of excellence in a certain field. When the token is a medal, ribbon or other item designed for wearing, it is known as a decoration.

National Film awards…..

Every year, a national panel appointed by the government selects the winning entry, and the award ceremony is held in New Delhi, where the President of India presents the awards. This is followed by the inauguration of the National Film Festival, where the award-winning films are screened for the public. Declared for films produced in the previous year across the country, they hold the distinction of awarding merit to the best of Indian cinema overall, as well as presenting awards for the best films in each region and language of the country. Due to the national scale of the awards, they are believed to be the most prestigious cinema awards in India…

The Awards are categorised in three sections; Feature Films, Non-Feature Films and Best Writing on Cinema. With each section having its individual aims, Feature Film and Non-Feature Film sections aim at encouraging the production of films of aesthetic and technical excellence and social relevance, contributing to the understanding and appreciation of cultures of different regions of the country in cinematic form, thereby promoting unity and integrity of the nation. 

The Awards were first presented in 1954.  Since 1973, the Indian Directorate of Film Festivals administers the ceremony along with other major film events in India annually.

Marathi movie bagged  first award followed by Hindi and Bengali…

Chemmeen, the first South Indian film to win the Indian President’s Gold Medal for Best Film . Chemmeen is a 1965 Indian Malayalam-language romance film, based on the novel of the same name by Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai.
After that there was no going back..

For his films, Adoor has won the  National Film awards 16 times, next only to Ray and Sen. He also won the  Kerala State Film awards  17 times…

ln one interview he has shared his views about National Film Awards….

 ” The national awards were conceived as a means to select and award films for their thematic relevance, social commitment, original approach, technical excellence and above all aesthetic brilliance..

There are movies which had already been shown in major international film festivals. And you come home with laurels from abroad to find that you have been rejected by an incompetent, ill-equipped jury in your own festival. Shame!,” said Gopalakrishnan.

Mr. Gopalakrishnan contended that it was very important that the names of nominees, as well as their qualification to be on the jury, were made public before they sit for selecting films.

“Keeping their names from public knowledge is a sure way to infiltrate wrong people into such bodies,” he said.

The most celebrated and acknowledged Malayalam actor, Mammootty has won three National Awards and seven State Awards. He got the National Best Actor Awards for the films ‘Mathiluka’l and ‘Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha’ in 1989, Ponthan Mada and ‘Vidheyan’ in 1993, and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in 1999.

Mohanlal has won five  National Film awards—two Best actor , a  Special jury mention , and a  Special Jury Award  for acting, and an award for  Best Feature Film (as producer).

Other actors include,Antony , Premji , Bharath Gopi , Suresh Gopi, Suraj Vanjramudu Balachandra Menon, Shobana, Sharadha , Monisha Unni , Meera Jasmine , and Surabi Lakshmi….

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VIDHEYAN   1993 




Based on the novel ‘ Bhaskara Pattelarum  Ente Jeevithavum…’ by Paul Zachariah….


The book tells the tyrannical land lord Bhaskara Pattelar and the bond between his and his slave Thommi.

Tha location is South Karnataka, somewhere near Mysore..

The drama based on the novel had many acclodes and won several awards.

The drama had scooped seven awards in the Abu Dhabi Kerala Social Club Bharath Murali drama festival.

Cruel landlord Patelar, wife Sarojakka, his slave Thommi and Thommi’s wife Omana are the important characters in the drama.



Adoor’s website gives these information about Vidheyan..


Festivals: London, Pesaro, Nantes, Brussels, San Francisco, Fribourg, Munich, Mannheim.

Rotterdam, Ljubljana, Singapore, Hongkong, Fukuoka, Brisbane, Durban, Tehran, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Hawaii and Sao Paulo among others.

Awards: International Film Critics Prize, Singapore. INTER FILM Prize, Mannheim National Awards for Best Actor and Best Malayalam film.
Kerala State awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Story, Special award for M.R.Gopakumar (Acting).


Thommi is an innocent immigrant labourer from Kerala who has moved to neighbouring South Karnataka in search of land and a new life. There, his life gets inextricably entangled with that of Patelar, a degene­rate and whimsical landlord. His inability to put up any resistance in the beginning eventually leads to Thommi’s total surrender to Patelar, For Thommi, Patelar proves to be both depriver and benefactor at the same time.

The Background

During the Second World War, when food and sup­plies were scarce in the princely state of Travancore, poor Christian farmers sold all their belongings and set •out northwards to better their fortunes. They were drawn by rumours that large tracts of virgin land were available at low prices in the Wynaad hills of British Malabar. Many succumbed to malaria rampant in the area. Some went back defeated. A few held on against all odds. After a brave but futile battle, a small number – paupers now – moved further north into South Karnataka, with no option but to encroach on forest land.

There, the settlers found themselves at the mercy of the Patels (village chiefs) who had been empowered by the British to collect taxes and enforce law. Although the British rule ended in 1947, the institution of Patels continued until the early Sixties when land legislation replaced them with regular revenue officials.

Thommi and his wife Omana are among the last of the immigrants to arrive in South Karnataka. They, like the others, manage to illegally fence off a few acres of land and start cultivating it. It is by sheer chance that Thommi happens to catch the attention of Bhaskara Patelar, once chief of the village. Though now shorn of his legal powers, the people around him fear to ques­tion the Patelar’s authority. He terrorizes Thommi into submission and rapes his wife, A humiliated Thommi wants to avenge his dishonour, but the urge to survive ties his hands – turns him mute.

Patelar finds Thommi a job as bartender in a toddy shop and embarks on an open affair with Omana. Eventually, Thommi becomes principal aide and ac­complice in the mindless crimes Patelar commits.

Although he loves his gentle wife Saroja and their only son dearly, Patelar cannot stand Saroja’s efforts to restrain him. Unable to put up with the idea of living under her watchful eyes, Patelar decides to do away with her. Taking Thommi into confidence, Patelar hatches a plot to kill Saroja. The plan misfires – Thommi gets gravely wounded instead.

Undaunted, Patelar next comes up with a plan to dynamite the holy fish at the temple ghat. He drags a reluctant Thommi to helgp him in this sinful act – but faith prevails. The dynamite fails to explode.
In another act of violence, Patelar assaults Yusoof Picha, a wealthy trader, and leaves him near dead on the roadside. Just to show Thommi that he has only one master.
The incident involving Kuttapparai’s son and his young bride rouses the combined wrath of Patelar’s many adversaries.

Determined to put an end to his evil ways, Yusoof Picha and Kuttapparai plot to kill Patelar when he visits Thommi. They manage to convince Thommi that it will be for his own good.
The crucial moment arrives. Shots are fired in the dark. But Patelar escapes with minor injuries.

Patelar finally executes his plan to kill his wife. Saroja is throttled to death. The attempt to fake the death as suicide fails. Patelar goes underground. Days later, a shaken Patelar visits Thommi in the dark of night to ask Thommi to go with him. He is hopeful of finding shelter in his nephew’s house in the town.
Turned down by his cowardly nephew, Patelar, along with Thommi, sets out to find refuge in the wilderness of the forests. There, inescapably, Patelar meets his nemesis.


The grief-stricken Thommi slowly regains his composure. He removes the gun from the firm grip of the dead Patelar and throws it into the waterfall thun­dering below. Beyond the wilderness, there await life, hope and Omana…

Director’s Statement

The film tells a parable-like story. Whereas it is true to recent history, and can very well stand up as an authentic social document on the life and times of the Keralite immigrants in the feudal setting of a neigh­bouring State, the concerns of the film go beyond mere realistic portrayal.

I have used the plot of the story to explore the sub­terranean landscape of the human mind. Here, terror – the oppressive form of power – joins hands with servility in a pathological alliance of interdependence. Each of them, oppressor and oppressed, is the source of sustenance of the other. Vidheyan is a study of the psychology and structure of power – as also an attempt to examine what lies buried beneath an obsessive servility.

Filmmakers and Critics Say

Vidheyan is already being discussed as a metaphor for servility, yet its surface is replete with sheer joy…Power is magnificently captured here.
This placing of dominance in a petty village culture is there in a myriad Indian films. But here the nuances are legion and each is lighted up with clarity.

– Iqbal Masud, Indian Express Sunday Magazine

Vidheyan can be viewed as a critique of the status quo, as a plea for change; its multi-layers are open to subjective interpretation though surfacially the plot is about the hopelessly obsequious Thommi and the village despot.
Boasting of outstanding performances by both the lead players, Vidheyan is poised to become the most discussed film of the year.

– Khalid Mohamed, The Times of India

Vidheyan at every stage is a comment on our times and our history. It is an allegory of colonisation, a mantle that Patelar inherits. It subtly conveys the love-hate relationship that ruler-and-subject enjoy and suffer. It shows how the ruler and the ruled become two sides of one coin and how cruelty and domination usurp the common man’s rights, giving way to new rules that consolidate and glorify the ruler.

–Uma da Cunha, The Pioneer

No two Adoor films are alike and yet his signature is stamped in an unmistakable fashion. ‘Vidheyan’ could not be more different than its predecessor.
The film forces you to reflect upon the nature of evil and the dilemma of vicarious satisfaction from the exercise of power. Without underlining it, Adoor nudges you into enlarging the metaphors in ‘Vidheyan’.

– Maithili Rao, The Hindu

No film of his would be the same without agreement, disagreement, argument and discussion. Which is why it all becomes so exciting. Every time.

– Amita Malik, The Sunday Statesman

Like all of Adoor’s earlier, films which delve into the dilemma of modern living, this film too examines the relationship between power and servility and is a profound and disturbing metaphor of the times.

– Ramesh Menon, India Today

Gopalakrishnan has made a film that is a masterly exposition of the creation of power, its validation through social and individual endorsements, and how it produces a servility which acquires overtones of sin.

–K.G. Kumar, Business India



1….The movie opens with a very disturbing scene……
Bhaskara Pattelar is sitting in a toddy shop, chewing betel nut. He sees Thommi sitting in front of a shop with a vacant look.
” Pattiyinte  Mone…!!”
is the very first word uttered by Pattelar..( you…son of a bitch…!!!)
Thommi turned a deaf ear. He didn’t get up because his dhothi is torn at the back.
But Pattelar made him get up and also turn around..He became the laughing stock infront of the villagers…

2….When he came to know that his wife is abused by his master, he could only say,
” Don’t cry…..I’m there for the Pattelar ‘ Such was his gratitude…

3…Once they entered the forest the master.. slave .. relationship doesn’t exist anymore… They become best of friends….!!!

4…When Pattelar came to Thommi’s house on a rainy day  and told him that he killed his wife Thommi cried so much.. But Pattelar slept as though nothing happened…!!!!!

5….Oneday while on hunting trip , instead of the usual abusive words ,he called him
‘ Thommi’ . Thommi was in cloud nine..

6…When Pattelar was shot repeatedly Thommi was crying ‘ yejamane…. yejamane….’ ( oh…master..my master….!!!)
But once he was sure that he is dead  he rejoiced like never before, screaming ,
Omana….!!! Pattelar is dead….’

He could breath fresh air like never before and so also the viewers….

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                               AMARAM    1991  




A  BHARATHAN…… LOHITHADAS combination. Cinematography by MADHU AMBAT….. Imagine the outcome……. !!!?! It is more like a painting on a canvas  rather  a movie. There is no need for dialogues… The camera says it all, so as Mammootty’ s body language…. One of Mammooty’s best…… 

K.P.A.C. Lalitha won the  National Award for the Best Supporting Actress…for her role as Bhargavi. And Mammotty won the South Filmfare award for the Best Actor  for his role. The film was a critical and commercial success… Mammootty speaks Kadappuram Fishermen language in this movie with so much ease which is also another reason for the successful of the movie…..


Amaram is the story of Achootty, a fisherman and his daughter, Radha. The uneducated Achootty wants his daughter to be educated and also wants her to become a doctor. His dreams get shattered when she falls in love with her childhood friend Raghavan.

One fine day Radha and Raghavan elope and get married. Achootty does not like his son-in-law initially and in disappointment does not talk to his daughter either. But slowly the young chap shows that he is an able and hard-working fisherman and gains Achootty’s silent admiration. Achooty does not acknowledge this publicly, but keeps heckling his son-in-law in public, taunting him to catch a shark and prove himself before he dares talk to Achooty.

One day, the Raghavan decides he’s had enough of the taunting and goes to the deep sea to capture a shark. But he is inexperienced, and in a fit of daring goes out alone in his catamaran. When he does not return, people think that Achootty killed him at sea since Achootty had also been to the sea that day.

It is a stormy night and everyone is afraid of going to the sea to search for him. At this point, Achootty’s daughter also feels that her father has killed her husband. Having nothing to lose, Achootty goes to the sea and he sees his Raghavan lying unconscious on the remains of his boat which is wrecked.

Achootty rescues him and brings him back to the shore. Everyone understands Achootty’s innocence but he feels let down by them. In the end, Achootty takes his boat and ventures into the sea, saying that is the only thing which has loved him unconditionally……….. 


Achooty is a fisherman and his daughter is Radha . He is a very interesting character. Though not educated, he is worldly wise because he lost his wife when Radha was born and ha also played the mother’s role. He has to go to the sea everyday and even during rough weather he used to take Radha with him. Radha has been practically living in the boat used to all sorts of weather…. 

Sh is very good at studies and became the darling of the sisters in the convent…. 

Achooty has a bosom friend called Kochu Raman whom he considers as his own brother. His wife Bhargavi has become a part of their family and there is no secret between them…. 


He has a doting sister Chandrika, who is drawn to Achooty and she is almost like a mother to Radha.. Radha shares everything with her and feel she and her father will make an ideal couple… She often teases her about that…. 

Kochu Rahman’s son Raghavan is an angry young man…He is very serious about his work as a fisherman, but has a complex that he is not educated…He falls in love with Radha…

Radha stood first in the school….and was awarded a gold medal…..The sisters came home to congratulate her and held a function in the school….

Achooty was the special invitee and the school  honoured him by calling him to the stage and gave the medal to him. They said it’s because of him only,she could achieve this great height. They also reassured that at no cost he should stop her studies and they will take care of all the financial needs….

Achooty’s joy was boundless….
He went around the neighborhood like a mad man announcing about her achievement….

He told everyone that she is going to become a doctor…He becomes very paronoid, doesn’t allow her to go on her own alone…. Radha could understand his feelings and gave him a lot of respect….


Radha and Rahavan were childhood friends.. I soon blossomed as love…. Acooty didn’t realise it first… He thought just like he and Ramankutty they too are only friends. 

When he came to knew it is more than friendship, he lost his cool and told Rahavan never to set foot in his house again…. 


Meanwhile Chandrika,the sister of Raman kutty fell for Achooty and he too confirmed it more or less from his side….

Bhargavi didn’t like this proposal.
Raman kutty didn’t like it in the beginning as Achooty is twice her age and looks like her father figure.. When he had a conversation with Pilliachan, his well wisher, he showed green signal……

Now the time has come for Radha to join college…Rahavan is apprehensive as she starts going to college the marriage will never take place…

Rahavan is also very scared of Achooty who puts down every opportunity  to encourage their love.


Poor Radha is torn between the love of his father and Rahavan..
Oneday she tore all the college application forms ,left the house without anyone’s knowledge,got married to Rahavan and returned home…

Achooty’s whole world shattered infront of his eyes. But Ramankutty accepted  Radha without any hesitation and welcomed them whole heartedly into his house.But Bhargavi is very firm that she will not get  Chandri married to Achooty and fixed her marriage will someone in a hurry.


Achooty felt that the whole world is rejecting him and he is not liked by anyone…He is very depressed and goes to the sea with a depressive mood. That night was one of the roughest weather. He managed to get a Shark and felt that after all he is worth as a fisherman and rejoiced.

Initially Achooty was very angry with Rahavan for snatching such a precious gem from him and spoiling her future..He even broke her gold medal in frustration.

When he saw him doting on his daughter,he started developing a soft corner for him. He wanted his son-in-law to show his worth as an  ace fisherman..
He challenged him saying he will accept him only if he could catch a shark on that day of worse weather.


Rahavan wanted to prove his worth.He ventured into the rough see inspite of  others request not to be foolish . He never returned.

Everybody started accusing Achooty for murdering the young, newly married boy. Especially Bhargavi cursed Achooty for being jealous and heartless. This was the worst day in Achooty’s life.


Achooty decided to find out the whereabouts of his son-in-law.He  returned to the sea, looking for Rahavan.Found him atlast, severely wounded , but with a Shark in his hand.

Radha felt so guilty for mistaking her father.. Everyone wanted his apology.. But Achooty was hurt beyond words.
He said ‘ I can only trust the sea and no one else , as it has not failed me  even once….’

Mammootty as Achooty  has   made the movie as one of the best classic movies ever produced. The scenes are picturised so beautifully and reflect the mood of the characters…


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Third  Day)



A Review from Alternate Movies…….. 

Thampi(Thilakan) is an old man in his 80’s.A retired lawyer, he is leading a solitary life in a beach town.He gets the news that his grandson bhaskar(Jayaram) aka pachu is visiting him on his holidays.He is excited, cause he hasn’t seen pachu in the last 5 years and after his son’s death, his grandson is all he got in this world.Pachu visits his grandfather with 3 of his college friends. Thampi is very happy, as pachu and his friends bring joy and happiness into the house. One day while swimming at the beach Pachu is sucked into the sea. Nobody is sure whether pachu died or not as they are not able to see his dead body. The rule of the sea is that if someone drowns, the body will wash ashore after three days. What happens with everyone and pachu in the next three days is the rest of the story.It’s about those painful three days.

This is not the usual tear jerker movie.No, you wont see long crying sequences and sad sad dialogues. This is about those moments that affects the characters deeply.Padmarajan plays with the emotions of the viewer in the later part of the movie. He repeatedly teases the audience with hopes and despair. When others are hopeless that pachu will come back alive. Thampi believes that he will come back. Padmarajan switches back and forth between the hopeful thampi and others, creating doubt in the mind of the viewer.


The movie opens with the scene in Thampi’s  ancestral house where everyone is so excited. The reason for their excitement is the arrival of Thampi’s grandson Pachu. Especially Nalini who is his niece who takes care of him and the house.She does not have anyone other then her uncle .

Thampi is a retired accountant from Railways and counting his days! He is very philosophical and practical. His son  Jayan died and his wife Karthiyayini too died and he feels lonely most of the time .

Thampi is very friendly with a doctor whose granddaughter Badra is engaged to Basker alias Bhasu alias Pachu.

On the day of his arrival Thampi goes to the pond at the back of the house to have a nice dip . Probably the director wants us to know there is some connection between the first and the last scene.

Thampi is all the time talking about his son Jeyan and his accident and how much he loves Pachu his grand son. He was showing the letter Basu wrote about his vacation plan. He has written he is bringing some of his friends.

Kavala is all in all for Thampi., a distant uncle, and he too joins with Thampi’s friends in drinking . Finally the day has arrived for which they were all eagerly waiting for.

Basker’s Arrival 

Thampi is excited when his grandson Pachu, comes along with his friends – Lopez , Renjith Menon and Krishnankutty  to spend his vacation with grandpa. Their presence brings joy and happiness into Thampi’s house..

Renjit is very passionate about Photography and he always roams with his camera. Krishnankutty is quiet  of the lot!!!! Thampi is so moved seeing his grandson after many years.. He had made excellent arrangements for their stay .

They all are eager to swim in the sea nearby.They went with grandfather and had a whale of a time, pulling his legs literally and throwing him in the sea.

Lopez goes behind Nalini and teases her often. Pachu spends whatever little time he has with Badra. They seemed to have fallen in love with each other.

Krishnankuty plays flute very well. The old man enjoys the music.Basu wanted to take his friends to the famous fort nearby.  He calls Badra to accompany them. Badra brings her friend Vani who is a poet.

Badra’s parents are divorced and her mother is married again. Basu’s mother too is far away and they both talk about the lack of mother’s love. But Badra is very happy with her father and brother’s family. 

Thampi spent a lot of time with his grandson. He suddenly felt like writing a will of his whole whole property in Basu’s name. One fine morning he called a lawyer and in front of everyone wrote a will, bequething all his wealth to his grandson.

Badra and Basu go for long walks. Basu always tell her he loves his grandfather’s ouse and he would like to settle down there when he gets old. 



During one such visit  to the beach, Pachu and Lopez gets pulled into the ocean and only Lopez manages to escape.

The friends were so scared and wanted to leave immediately after informing the police  But the police would not allow that as it was an accident and till they find the body they are not supposed to leave, to eliminate any wrong motive. 


The Police and the locals conduct a rescue operation in the ocean but in vain. It is believed among the locals that whatever that is taken by the ocean is returned on the third day (as meant by the title of the movie).

Pachu’s friends are guilty as they are the one who always wanted to go and swim at the sea.They go to the sea side every morning after pachu disappears, to see whether the body has washed ashore. One day Ranjit, one of pachu’s friend is looking at the sea.He sees some kind of object at a distant, he rushes with the expectation of seeing pachu alive/dead  only to realize that it is some kind of a wood. Everybody at the beach keep asking them “Did they get the BODY?”,”Did they get the BODY?”.The word BODY hurts the friends greatly.

Pachu’s mother could not believe this. She was talking to the boys about her son and asked them whether he loved her.

Thampi refuses to acknowledge the fact that Pachu is dead and puts on a brave face, consoling Pachu’s mother, his friends and Bhadra. Eventually the body is found on the third day.

The funeral is held on the same day and Pachu’s friends get ready to leave the day after. They all visit the beach one last time to say goodbye to Pachu where they see Thampi arriving with priests to perform the funeral rites of Pachu.

While performing the “bali”, Thampi, who lost all hope, takes the rice ball/”balichoru” in his hands proceeds to the sea. To everyone’s shock Thampi, along with the “balichoru” submits himself to the sea and commits suicide. He had not given a single clue about his intentions to anyone in the house . 

As usual Padmarajan’s could capture the emotional turmoil everyone is undergoing  after the tragedy so naturally and this movie can be easily one of Thilakan’s best….. 


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sarasa suri – சரசாவின் சிறு கதைகள்






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The film won numerous accolades including the Kerala State Film Award for Best Film with Popular Appeal and Aesthetic Value and the Filmfare Award for Best Film – Malayalam and screened at the 45th International Film Festival of India and the 8th Asian Film Festival.


The story of this film, has a very interesting story to it. The idea for such a plot actually hit Keigo Higashino who is a Japanese novelist, in 2005. … The Japanese film was then made into a Malyalam film in 2013.

“My movie is based on a thought, a situation narrated by a person during a meeting some 12 years ago. It has not been inspired by any Japanese or Korean authors,” he told PTI. says the director.

Mythili Ramachandran In Gulf report news has written a beautiful review about this movie…It goed like this..

George Kutty manages a cable television business in a small town of Thodupuzha. A film buff, he is forever hooked onto films. A class four school drop-out, George Kutty is married to Rani, who has studied beyond class four, but could not clear class ten.

While Kutty is tight-fisted, Rani strikes a contrast with her yearning for the good things in life, which, apart from shopping and eating biriyani in a hotel, include sending her two daughters to an English convent instead of an ordinary English medium school.

Theirs is a happy household with the usual chaos mixed with cackles of laughter, so typical of an Indian middle-class home.

But the joy is cut short with the arrival of Varun, a teenager who takes Kutty’s family on an unexpected journey that becomes a test of their love and commitment towards one another.

Carving each character with great care, director Jeethu Joseph orchestrates this saga.

The director who dabbles in between different genres like humour, suspense and family drama in his each film says the subject decides the treatment of the film. “Different films require different treatment. I toiled hard while filming Memories as the film was full of twists and turns and the handling of the subject mattered a lot. But Drishyam is a complete script-oriented film that does not require any special effort. We shot the film sticking completely to the script, and the shooting was completed effortlessly,” says Jeethu.


Movie opens with a scene where a new police inspector Antony is taking charge of   Rajakadu  police station. He came to know from the tea shop owner that the police station is just opposite to his shop and it is newly built and the old one is in shambles ,that lies adjacent to the new one.Antony sees Georgkutty sitting on a bench about whom the whole neighborhood know.. Who is this Georgekutty …??

Georgekutty  is an orphan who had dropped out of school after his 4th grade. Now he is a businessman running a cable TV service named Rani vision, in a rural area. He is married to Rani  and they have two daughters, Anju and Anu  His only interest apart from his family is watching films. He spends most of his time in front of the TV in his small office mostly watching thriller and suspense movies. Monichan is his sincere helper. 

Georgekutty has the habit of eating in Ikka’s hotel which is just opposite to the police station. Constable Sahadevan is a regular customer there, who comes and eats as he likes. Georgekutty with his limited knowledge of   solving matters which he learnt by watching detective movies, help people to solve their problems. He sometimes rubs Sahadevan on the wrong side . 

Georgekutty loves his family beyond anything but is very careful in spending money. He sometimes stay in the office to attend to the complaints and spend the night watching movies which is known to everyone  especially Ikka, the hotel owner.

The construction work of the new police station, which is just opposite to the hotel just started . Soman, the Civil engineer who is in charge of the work has become a regular customer of Ikka and gets acquainted with Geotgekutty.

George is digging out a big pit at the back of the house for making compost fertilizer. Rani is making fun of him for being very frugal  for not taking any help from outside.

Visit to Rani’s house 

George and family are visiting Rani’s parents. They like him so much and treat him like their own son. Since George married Rani without expecting a single paise as dowry  Rani’s father decided to sell the Mullaseri land and give it to George to buy a theater which was a long time dream of George.

After the Nature camp the family come to know there was a boy who was taking pictures of many girls in his mobile and  Anju was one of them. Rani was furious and scolded Anju for taking it cool.She started worrying about the consequences.

Meanwhile George asked Soman to look at his garage which needs some face lift. Constable Sahadevan  comes at that time and he started speaking ill of George. George gave him back saying as he has not done anything wrong  he doesn’t have to fear police.

Varun’s Blackmail 

Varun , the boy who took photographs of Anju during the nature camp meets her on the road and shows some obscene picture of her taken without her knowledge while she was taking her bath, asks her to meet him in the night. Otherwise he said he will post it in the media. He is the spoilt son of Inspector General of Police Geetha . 


Anju  after great hesitation went to the back of the house to meet Varun. But she was so clever in taking Rani with her to whom she disclosed everything.

Varun tried to molest her without realising that she has brought her mother along. He got mad seeing her and when Rani was begging him to leave her daughter alone, he had the audacity to tell her that he can swap with her if she agrees. This word made Anju aggressive and took an iron rod and hit him. Unfortunately he died. Mother and daughter got panicky. 

They hide his body in a compost pit,  which was already dug by George. This  is witnessed by Anu.Rani discloses everything to Kutty. He had seen many movies about cyber crime. That came in handy to destroy the clues. He found out that the yellow car left by Arun and planned to push it from a hill top  the idea he got from another movie. 

While taking the car out it made a hell of a noise which was heard and seen by Sahadevan who happened to be in the neighborhood for a police verification. He threw the mobile phone to a moving vehicle just to confuse the parents so that they’ll think he is roaming around somewhere with his friends. He pushed the car inside a muddy lake which was reported by few children who saw it floating the next day  All these ideas he got from the movies he watched. 

Rani and children are worried about the police and the consequences. Kutty tells her either they should surrender completely or find all loopholes to escape. Since he feels there’s no wrong deed from their part,he would choose the later option.


Now Kutty is in a mission of creating alibis Georgekutty takes them out on a trip to Thodupuzha to pray in a church, watch a movie and eat at a restaurant. Geetha, seeing that her son has gone missing, starts an investigation.

After a preliminary investigation, Geetha calls Georgekutty and family for questioning. Georgekutty, who had predicted that this would happen, had already taught his family how to change their alibi at the time of murder. When questioned individually, they give the same replies. Georgekutty also presents the bill of the restaurant, the movie ticket and the bus tickets as proof of their alibi. Geetha questions the owners of the establishments they have been to and their statements prove Georgekutty’s alibi.

However, Geetha realizes later that Georgekutty had faked the evidence and established his alibi on the owners by going on a trip with his family to the same establishments later.

Geetha arrests Georgekutty and family and Sahadevan uses brute force to beat the truth out of them. Eventually, Anu gives in and reveals the place where the body is buried. After digging the compost pit, they find the carcass of a calf, indicating that Georgekutty had moved the body. Anu reports to the media and complains against Sahadevan. The constable is suspended and Geetha resigns from her post.


Geetha and Prabhakar meet Georgkutty. Prabhakar was telling that Varun was born after waiting for a long time and he was completely spoilt. Now that he is is missing they couldn’t sleep and each and every phone call makes them jittery. They want to know the truth even if it is bitter . 

Georgkutty tells them they had an unwanted guest one day who completely ruined the peace of their beautiful family. They have no choice but to send him to a place of no return. They are not celebraties like Geetha and Prabhakar but very ordinary People in the society and they believe what they did is right according to their consciousness. 

Now in remand, Georgekutty signs a register at the newly constructed local police station.  The Inspector tells him that he can go scot free till they find out Varun’s body. Georgekutty sarcastically remarks that he has faith  that Police and Police station will protect them through and through.

As he leaves, a flashback shows him leaving the incomplete police station with a shovel in hand, indicating that he has hidden Varun’s body in the foundations of the police station itself.

Mohanlal lives his role. He carries the whole movie on his shoulders… Proving his mettal once more. 

This movie is available in YouTube with English subtitles …


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Shilpa Nair Anand wrote in Hindu.. . 

The director’s note… 

Isolated places, such as Kumbalangi, and their people are often the butt of jokes, literature too often perpetuates the stereotype. “Urban society perceives these places as not having progressed. My story tells the positives of life there. The people there are progressive, it is a re-look at perceptions.” That said, he adds that the film is not so much an in-depth look at the island’s culture as it is about the story of people who live there.

Telling the story of four brothers, writing four different tracks wasn’t easy either. “I don’t have brothers, but I have always wanted to make a film about brothers, and their bond. This was multi track —four brothers, four tracks —initially I was thrilled. I, later, realised how tough it was telling the story of four lives, their dynamics and also making people understand it. But it has all worked out.”

S.R.Praveen writes….

But even amid all these memorable characters, that house in the ‘wasteland’ is the soul of the film, a house which, in an era where we are building walls and laws to keep out the ‘others’, always seems to have space for one more person. The night is beautiful in the borderless isles of Kumbalangi.

Syam Pushkaran

Kumbalangi Nights is a family drama about four brothers. “I have never attempted anything in this genre before. That’s my biggest excitement,” says Syam. Although the film is set in Kumbalangi, it has a story that is so universal, he says. “Maheshinte Prathikaram was inseparably tied to the space it was set in. We stayed in a village near Kattapana, studied the local slang and the nature of the village’s community to write the script. But here, we haven’t gone deep into the local culture. It is not that kind of a film.”

Annie Benn who acts as Baby says….

She is Baby in the film, a stark contrast from what Anna looks like. Baby is a naadan girl, while Anna is modern, and of the city. How did she transform? “The look was decided by Syamettan, Madhu ettan and Dileesh ettan. Baby is from Kumbalangi, she maybe naadan but she knows what is happening around. I had inputs on how to become her, plus the makeup by Ronex Xavier and costumes by Sameera Saneesh transformed me completely, it didn’t need too much of an effort from my end.”

Mathew as Franky

Yet, you ask Mathew about Frankie, his character in the movie and he says, “I am not very different from Frankie. There is quite a bit of me too in him.” One would wonder how this innocent-looking, hardly outspoken youngster is anything like the playful Frankie you see on the screen. But a while into the conversation, the smart boy hidden behind the shy exterior slowly emerges.

Except the youngest boy, who is a footballer supported by a state scholarship and hence exposed to a marginally better quality of life, the men practically do nothing and seem to be stuck in a socio-cultural stasis. Given their depressing family background of estrangement and abandonment, they are captives of extreme low self-esteem and self-stigma and are socially immobile. The only shimmer of hope is the school-boy because he has access to education and hence is hopeful about life. Things change when relationships happen, which lead to both conflicts as well as liberation and finally despair gives way to hope and a possibly a life-affirming freedom from the past…… Says G. Promod Kumar. 


The  four brothers are Saji, Bonny, Bobby and Franky..They have different biological mother and father. When Sajis father married, the woman already had a boy Bonny who is mute. They had two more boys Bobby and Franky . Their father died, and the mother left her children to join a religious mission, leaving Saji to be their father figure.




Saji  is a quick tempered person , and often gets into fights with Bobby. Franky is ashamed of Saji and Bobby but he gets along well with Bonny, who is mute. Since there is no female in the house, it’s in a mess. The boys come and go as they like, eat anything and anytime. There is no order in the house.

Bobby is a lazy wastrel who spends his days with his friend Prasanth. Prasanth introduces him to his girlfriend Sumisha through whom Bobby meets Baby. Baby upon seeing Bobby confesses to Sumisha she had a crush on Bobby while they were in school. And at the end of the day Baby becomes Bobby’s girlfriend. They go to catch a movie and have a fight through the middle of it. The next day they make up and Bobby proposes to Baby who asks him to talk to her family.


Now comes the new character Shammi. He is Baby’s brother in law. As they lost their father Shammi assumes that he has full control over them as he is financially taking care of Baby and  their mother apart from his wife. 

Arjun Singh writes about Shammi in his review …

Shammi is an immaculately turned out man, the sort of man for whom the term “well-groomed” might have been coined: smooth face, not a hair out of place. He keeps patting his moustache as if to ensure its geometrical perfection. We are unsurprised to learn that he works in a hair salon.

Going by outward appearances, one might slot him as a new-age guy, comfortable around women — he lives with his wife, her younger sister and their mother. But alarm bells ring too. The first time we see him, he is looking at himself approvingly in a bathroom mirror, mumbling “Raymond, the Complete Man,” and using a razor blade to remove a bindi from the glass. Dismantling the matriarchy? Later, he remarks that working in the kitchen doesn’t befit a man with a “proper job”.

Kumbalangi Nights Movie Poster Stills

Shammi who owns a beauty salon flatly refused the proposal. He gives the family’s bad reputation as the reason but he has other reasons which he does not want to disclose . 

Bobby is very upset  . Saji tries to console Bobby and asks him to get a job. A fight ensues between Saji and Franky. Bonny who is protective of Franky hits Saji and Saji leaves the house to drink with his friend Vijay.

Saji shares everything with Vijay. Vijay says he is right and that he cannot lend him money anymore. Saji being drunk tries to commit suicide and is saved by Vijay. Unfortunately, Vijay loses his life in the process.Now Saji starts feeling guilty.


Meanwhile, Bonny meets an American tourist Nylah, and the two of them end up spending a night together in the homestay owned by Baby’s family. Shammi, discovers them and an argument ensues between them and then he kicks them out. Bonny invites Nylah to his house.

Women in the house  

Saji is stricken with remorse with the death of his dear friend Vijay. He goes to his friends house to apology and finds Sathi  wife of Vijay  in pain due to pregnancy; he takes her to the hospital. Sathi gives birth to a baby girl; both are brought to saji’s home. Franky is  the one who is truly very happy.  He feels with these women in the house, and thinks the family is complete only now. He is longing for mother’s love.

During the marriage of Prasanth and Sumisha, Saji meets Shammi and again talks about the marriage between Bobby and Baby and is yet again turned down. Baby makes up her mind to elope with Bobby.

When her sister Simmy confides in her husband Shammi, he turns abusive and violent. It becomes clear from his behaviour that he suffers from some mental illness and behavioural issues, which make him manipulative and controlling. Shammi assaults Baby, Simmy and their mother, ultimately keeping them captive in their own home.

Bobby tries his best to communicate Baby but no answer . They go in person to find out the truth and came to know that Shammi is not only a crook but also psychotic. They had a physical fight and finally tied him when he became aggressive . 

Simmi and Baby were completely surprised to know that Shammi is mentally ill and their mother had a sigh of relief. Finally Bobby got married to Baby . There is another woman in the house now. 

A very complicated story unfolds in a beautiful way and this is going to be a mile stone in Malayalam movie history…. Very well edited… 

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Swayamvaram marked several debuts—directorial of Gopalakrishnan, acting of the Malayalam star Bharath Gopi, and film producing of the Chitralekha Film Cooperative, an organisation cofounded by Gopalakrishnan himself.

The film received widespread critical acclaim. It pioneered in  the new wave movement  in Malayalam cinema  and became one of the first Malayalam films to use synchronised sound. . It was shown at various film festivals around the world, and won four National Film Awards   in 1973, including  Best Feature, Best Director for Gopalakrishnan, and  Best Actress  for Sharada.

Sajin in Newindia express writes like this… 

The impression I got from Swayamvaram is that Adoor believes that there is space for all kinds of cinema, even though one senses a tone of dismissal —of anyone discouraging arthouse cinema. Let me go back to the first scene in the editor’s office. The perspectives of both sides are presented. “Just because you don’t understand a work doesn’t automatically make it inferior,” the editor’s sub-ordinate tells an intellectual writer. And when the same intellectual writer dismisses a short story he read as “trash”, the editor asks, “Do you have to be that cynical?”

What is Swayamvaram?? 


Swayamvara (Sanskrit : स्वयंवर, , in ancient   India was a practice of choosing a husband, from among a list of suitors, by a girl   of  marriageable age. Swayam in Sanskrit  means self.  and vara means groom in this context.

In this practice, the girl decides to conduct the Swayamvara of the daughter at an auspicious time and venue, and broadcasts the news of this to the outside world. Kings typically used to send messengers to outside lands, whereas commoners arranged to spread the news within the local community.

On the appointed day and venue, the girl chooses from an assembly of suitors, or the suitors by completing a task. When the girl identifies the husband of her choice, she garlands him and a marriage ceremony is held immediately.


In the  Hindu  epic  Ramayana  (रामायण),  Sita (सीता) marries  Rama (राम), the only one strong enough to lift the  Shivdhanush  (Lord  Shiva’s  bow) and string it. There is mention of swayamvara in Valmiki Ramayana. but in Tulsidas Ramayan Ram Charit Manas this swayamwara is described. In Valmiki Ramayana Janak raja tells that he has promised to marry Sita to the person who can lift dhanusha and string it. No one could do before Rama. Rama did it. This condition of lifting dhanusha was called by Janak as virya shulka, cost to be paid by suitor for marrying Sita.


The movie opens with the hero Viswam and heroine Seetha traveling in a bus.They look like newly married couple who are in love with each other dearly.

They take a room in a very decent hotel.It looks like as if they got married against their parents’s wishes and Viswam is worried whether Seetha is comfortable with her new life style.She says she is very  contented.

  Soon they have to shift to a cheaper place as they couldn’t afford to stay there for long.So they moved to a dingy place.

Meanwhile Viswam had to go and meet a publishing company to submit his story. When he went there he met all big writers like Vaikkom  Chandran ,but was a bit disappointed to know their feedback that he has to improve his skill.

When Viswam returned Seetha told him that they should vacate the place immediately as it is a shady place.

She removed her bangles and asked him to sell it and get a mangalsutra for her.
Viswam starts looking for a more secure and safer place…

They could get a small portion in a slum area that belongs to Damodaran Pillai , where their neighbours are Kalyani and Janaki who live their lives as prostitutes. Since they were very kind to Seetha it never bothered them.

Viswam realised his dream to become a writer will not materialize in the near future, hence joined as a lecturer in Zoology department in a local college.

Seetha was waiting for his salaray as there is no provisions in the house. But the Principal was very cheeky and tries to avoid giving him the money and took him to the bar and made him drink heavily . Viswam completely forgot about his salary and when he went home  he realized that Seetha was waiting for him. He felt so guilty for making her go hungry.

Seetha wanted to go for job. But they expected her to give 1000 rupees as deposit . Meanwhile she comes to know she is pregnant.

She found a small boy in the neighborhood who does some errands for her. The men who visit the prostitutes also have an eye on her too.

Seetha gets some nightmares about her late father calling her to come with him. She gets so disturbed. Viswam now thinks that it’s a mistake leaving their house. Buy Seetha reassures him saying she is very happy with him.

Viswam couldn’t continue in the college as the institution is in deep financial crisis and the principal could not afford to pay his salary. Viswam is so depressed without a job.

He soon found a clerical post in a timber factory. He comes home late working very hard. Most of the time Seetha had to manage alone. The customers who come to visit Kalyani want to try their luck with Seetha too  but she just keeps her door closed.

The worker who lost his job because of Viswam follows him everywhere and Viswam feels very guilty. He also feels sad that he is not able to help Seetha in household work.

In spite of working hard Viswam could not pay even the rent on time. Seetha was not well sometime but Viswam was busy in helping his office friend who was seriously sick.

Meanwhile she delivered a baby girl. Only the neibours Kalyani and Janaki were with her at that time. The couple were so happy to receive the new addition to their home.

Viswam’s health is deterioting slowly . Seetha feels helpless with the new born baby to attend. Life was not easy as they expected. Kalyani and Janaki were leading such a happy life  never bothered about the means of the money they earn. When Viswam was struggling to pay his bills  smuggler Vasu  who is a regular visitor of Kalyani goes scot free. But Viswam wants to live without compromising his values and his wife gives all her support without any complaints.

Viswam’s illness became more serious. Seetha didn’t have money to take him to doctor. Viswam’s friend ask them to come and stay in their house but she refuses. Finally Viswam succumbed to his illness. Seetha feels very helpless . Janaki asks her to go back to her parents but she refuses.

Seetha decides to stay alone with the kid. At night she looks at the closed door suspiciously, with the  fear of any unwanted guests. But she is determined to face any situation. We see the picture of Rama and Seetha’s Swayamvaram above her bed .

The movie gives a simple message that the love between Viswam is true and they both refused to compromise their values even during testing times .

You can read all the reviews in Kindle!!!



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(Wispering  Pillows) 



MOVIE got State award and many more honors for Urvashi. It’s a clean family drama which is a big hit. One of the best of Sreenivassn… Sathyan Anthikkad combination. 


It’s a usual story of a greedy housewife, who changes her honest, simple , straightforward husband into a corrupt, moneyminded , dishonest officer who finally ends up in a police custody. But it became one of the biggest blockbuster because of Sreenivas’s comedy dialogues and Urvashi ‘s brilliant performance.

Sukumaran, his brother Mohanan and their mother belong to a middle-class family and live happily . Sukumaran is a supervisor in a construction company named JK Constructions and Mohanan is a shopkeeper. Mohanan has recently married Shylaja who is employed,from a rich family and good looking unlike Sukumaran’s wife Kanchana.

Shylaja’s fortunate life with money and job makes Kanchana envious about her and Kanchana slowly starts causing problems in the family by finding unnecessary issues which affects the smooth running of a peaceful family life. Finally Sukumaran leaves their family house and starts living in a rented house as part of Kanchana’s requests. The rented house is located in a posh colony wherein the residents are very rich.

Soon Kanchana finds one or the other reasons to live in luxury which is not conducive with the economical conditions of Sukumaran who is just a supervisor in a company. To match their social status Kanchana lies to her new neighbours that her husband is an engineer in a construction company.

Soon Sukumaran leans for her demands like buying expensive home appliances, arranging a dance master for their daughter and sending her to an English medium school, buying an old car (in which Sukumaran would meet with an accident thereby increasing their medical expenses and car repair charges) etc. The huge economical demands slowly crush Sukumaran and it finally affects him in the manner of creditors demanding their money back.

In order to meet their financial requirements Sukumaran finally decides to cheat his employer by forgery. The authorities soon come to know about the truth and one day, when Sukumaran is already under heavy economical pressures, the police arrive and arrest him.

The next day, because of the ill reputation caused by the family the house owner drives Sukumaran’s family out of their rented house. At this point Mohanan comes to their rescue knowing about the situations where his brother has been led by the ill advice of his wife Kanchana.

Mohanan arranges money by selling his wife’s gold ornaments and repays the creditors. Sukumaran is finally released from jail. In the end the family is re-united where Kanchana understands her mistakes.


MOVIE opens with Mohanan and Shylaja’s  wedding. The whole family welcomes the bride with love. Kanchana the sister in law, was completely  surprised by Shylaja’s intelligence, and her smartness. She just tells few lies to impress her but is very affectionate to her at the same time.

Kunjanatthan is a mesthri in the construction company where Sukumaran works and he always mess up things which are expected to be done and gets into the bad books of Sukumaran who is very honest and strict. They always have frequent quarellls .

Shylaja and Mohanan were in love before marriage and Devaki is very happy with his son’s choice. Shylaja’s brother works in Dubai and sends her expensive gifts through someone. Shylaja  being  a generous and kind hearted woman, gives lots of presents to all at home. Slowly Kanchana started getting jealous of her.

One of their distant relatives Paruammayi who has an acid  tongue creates misunderstanding between the the two of them and Kanchana feels she is not treated well after Shylaja’s entry and pesters her husband to leave the joint family and live on their own. Sukumaran did not like this idea and Shylaja feels bad for  Kanchana’s  indifferent behaviour towards her and all the false accusations. 

Finally  Kanchana succeeded  in brainwashing Sukumaran to leave the joint family and  found a separate house in a posh locality. She made him buy all expensive household goods and spent lavishly to maintain the standard of living of her neighbours Gigi Daniel and Sulochana Thankappan.  Daniel is a Karate master and Thankappan is a henpecked husband..There were too many gossiping going on in the neighbourhood .

Sukumaran couldn’t make both ends meet. At the end of the month he always fell short of money because of Kanchana’s spendthrift behaviour. She insisted that her daughter should study in a convent. He had to buy a car for which he had to get a huge amount of advance from his construction company. Unfortunately he crashed into the wall of an advocate and landed up in the hospital  with the mesthri. The car was damaged and he had to bear the cost of repair which also caused a big dent in his monthly budjet. He had to borrow left and right. 

Meanwhile Paruammayi visited her  She met her neighbours Gigi and Sulochana and revealed the truth that Sukumaran is only a supervisor and not an  engineer as Kanchana was telling ,  and she had a big fight with her, calling her names and abused the neighbors too. Sulochana wanted to take up the matter with the Vanithaa association in which she is the president.

Things were not straight as she imagined. The dance master was trying to take advantage of her innocence. When she couldn’t pay the instalments on time the shop owner was  verbally abusive. 

Sukumaran finally yielded to the pressure of the mesthri and accepted to take bribe from the supplier   Damodaran Pillai to make both ends meet. 

Because of guilt Sukumaran started drinking and coming home late. When Kanchana came to know that he started talking bribe to pay all the bills,  she was genuinely worried and told him never go against hs consciousness. The only way she found was to go and get his share of property from his mother. Sukumaran was reluctant in the beginning but later thought that’s the only way. Daniel said he will take up the matter.

Sukumaran was very cold when he met his mother who was all in tears. When Mohanan came to know the purpose of his visit through Daniel he got wild and asked him to get out.

When he returned home he saw police waiting with the arrest warrent for the malpractices he did in the construction company. Kanchana was left alone the neighbours refusing to help her. She went to the police station to see her husband who accused her the present condition he is in and refused to talk to her.

She was almost collapsed when the house owner asked her to vacate the house with immediate effect. She was locked outside with only few of her important things. Fortunately Mohanan and Shylaja came to her rescue.

They paid all their debts and were able to get Sukumaran from police custody, by selling Shylaja ‘s jewellery.

When she went home Devaki welcomed her back with both arms. But Sukumaran just put her one condition that she should remember she is the wife of a simple, honest, ordinary dutiful son of a big joint family.

Mohanan and Shylaja made her understand that the real assert of a family is not gold and materialistic things but only good hearted daughters in law. 

A very clean family entertainer  with a clear message. Urvashi surpassed everyone in her acting.

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In his review in ‘ Mad after movirz’ E. Pradeep writes…… 

Thazhvaram remains a one of its kind movie in an untapped genre with exceptions like Season.can’t recollect more of this kind. Considering MTs large body of work as a scriptwriter, it is worth asking why Thazhvaram is the only other movie he and Bharathan did together, other than Vaishali – maybe the fact that Bharathan was more of a painter and let his frames and camera speak than words had some bearing. Thazhvaram is a wonderful reminder of the fact that the 80’s and the early 90’s were indeed probably the best period ever for Malayalam Cinema. This is a film that one can never get enough of and only tends to grow on you.It is a great puzzle to why the movie was not successful when it was released but over the years like many great works of art, it has emerged as a cult movie…

Critic R.K. in his movie blog Full Circle writes about Bharathan’s direction…

Bharathan sets the stage

Most of the action in the film is set on sprawling fields or barren, open spaces, flashing moments of raw, grimy violence which defined some of director Bharathan’s earlier work. Thazhvaram is a visually stunning piece of filmmaking (cinematography by Venu) which, yet, does not drift to gimmicky, big-sweep showmanship. The artist in the filmmaker comes through in the way the climactic confrontation between Balan and Raju is framed; it’s a messy, all-out fight to kill, and live – not a choreographed stunt – as vultures watch, and wait. This is the kind of stuff which makes you wonder what Bharathan could have done with a film like Mrigaya.

Pradeep’s narration gives the viewers what to expect from the movie. 

The plot is fairly straight forward – it is a story of a man seeking to avenge his wife’s murder. Balan (Mohanlal) arrives in a remote hilly tribal area in Agali (in Palakkad) in search of Raghavan (Salim Ghouse), who is now a close associate of Nanuettan (Sankaradi) with possibly plans of settling down there after marrying Nanuettan’s daughter Kochutti (Sumalatha). The movie moves back and forth in time oscillating between the present and Raghavan’s past till the very end when we get a clear picture of his treachery. The cat and mouse game thrills till it finishes in a brilliantly orchestrated climax.

Right from the first scene when Balan carves out his bête noire Raghavan’s photo from a photo frame of the two together, you know what to expect. There are no surprises and you know the story has a clear revenge plot where Balan will eventually succeed (of course, knowing the penchant of Malayalam directors to force tragedy endings till the 90s, this could still have been a surprise then). But the taut script holds your attention till the very end and there is never a dull predictable moment despite the inevitability of the end.


Like any other Bharathan ‘s movies , this movie too has no dialogues for first few minutes  He takes us to Agali along with Balan the protoganist whose face shows gamut of emotions. He looks so tired, walking a long way to reach his destination. He visualises killing his arch enemy Raju, who was his best friend once  stabbing him three times. We can understand the agony he is going through….. 

Faraway he could see a small house. We see a young charming woman  Kochutty, praying, lighting the lamp, her aged father  Nanu and Rahavan (who is actually Raju) having a conversation about the place where they live and the stranger (Balu) who has  camped  far away from their house and they have  some suspicion….

Balan watches them from faraway, gets convinced he has come to the right place.  He approaches  the house in the morning and gets introduced as Raju’s friend. Kochutty and Nanu were nice to him and asked him to wait for Raju as he is way. Balan went to his room and opened few boxes and got confirmed that he is Raju but now changed his name as Rahavan. He has found out from Kochutty that he has bought some land and financially sound, with the money he has stolen from him.

Kochutty and Nanu forced him to take food. He realized how hard working and kind hearted Kochutty is.

Nanu on the other hand is very practical. He tells Balan  ‘  if  something is deserved to be killed, the act should take place immediately.  If we show kindness things will go out of control. That is the Supreme Justice !!!!’ 

Kochutty reminds him of his beloved Raji Who gave all her savings to him to buy a lorry. That was the money stolen by Raju. Balan told about that to Nanu but never revealed the secret that Raju stole that.

Balan couldn’t wait for Raju, so left the place saying he’ll meet him in the town. When Raju came back he was shocked to hear that Balan was there. He went down to meet him. They met on the way. Balan was mad at  him and wanted to kill him. But Raju begged him to show pity on him .Suddenly he pushed him down in a deep pit and ran away.  Balan was deeply hurt . 


By chance Kochutty saw him and brought him home. She started nursing him and Nanu asked him to take complete rest.. Rahavan never expected him there alive. He was so jealous that Kochutty was so caring and he  was waiting  for a chance to spoil his name.

While Kochutty was sitting near him he was uttering ‘Raji… Raji…’ She was curious to know who Raji is. Balan was telling her about Raji..She was shocked when she came to know that Raji is his wife and she is no more, died on the very first night of their marriage . 


Rahavan alias Raju and Balan were working  together   in a timber factory,  Balan had a love affair with Raji who is helping him whenever he needs money. She wants to fulfill his dream of buying a lorry.

Oneday Raju was involved in a murder case and tried to escape from that place. Police were after him. He was hiding for some time but appeared again begging Balan to give him a job. Balan was very reluctant as he lost all faith in him  but because of his nagging finally agreed.

Nanuettan ‘s Plan

Meanwhile  Nanu was sharing his thoughts about the marriage proposal of Kochutty with Raju  to  Balan. He told Balan when he met Raju for the first time he was so scared of everything and everyone and it was Nanu who gave him place and confidence. He was asking Balan’s opinion about that. Balan asked him not to be in a hurry which Raju overheard. 

Nanu discussed about this to his daughter. She was not very keen about the proposal. 

Raju tried few times to kill Balan but it didn’t materialise. He was waiting for a chance.

One day Raju tried to behave badly with Kochutty. He told her anyway he is going to marry her soon . She got irritated with him and told him that nothing is finalised.

Raju realized that Kochutty has a soft corner for Balan. Before things get worse he wanted to spoil his name. He told Nanu that Balan is a fraud, a thief and is capable of committing even murder and ask them to be careful. Nanu believed him and wanted to keep an eye on him. 


There was a festival in the Kavu of and Kochutty decorated herself with nice jewellery and with an aid she was leaving home to attend it.

She met Balan on the way. Balan was reminded of Raji. He and Raji had such fun during one festival time. They soon got married with their parents blessings and on their first night Raju forced Balan to drink heavily. He knew that Balan has kept some money to buy the lorry . What happened on that night?? 

Balan’s Concern 

On the way from the festival Kochutty was threatened by Raju. When she met Balan he warned her about Raju.. He told her the truth that Raji was actually murdered by his own friend Raju. She got scared. Balan told her to be careful as he is more worried about her safety and does not want to end up like Raji. 


When Raju was away he tried to find out what happened to the stolen money. Nanuettan mistook him for stealing Raju’s money and asked him to leave the place immediately. Kochutty was so confused and does not know whom to believe. Balan left the place with humiliation. Raju saw him on the way and was convinced that he was going  to be sent away. When he came back home Nanu wanted to thank him but on seeing the jewellery box he got tempted and threatened to kill both of them, beat them black and blue and ran away with all the money and jwells. Now father and daughter realized the truth. 


Balan caught him on the way. He was so furious and with all the pent up anger attacked him and Raju begged him to leave him. But Balan was so brutal and  , the day he killed his beloved wife who was cruelly murdered by him on the day of their wedding night was still fresh in his mind. Nanu and Kochutty watched them helplessly..

Without uttering word Balan left the place, while Kochutty was looking at him with a vacant look ..

There is nothing to equal BHARATHAN .. M. T. V. combo  movies  and Mohanlal  with his brilliant performance , has made it one of the greatest malayalam classics ever produced. 

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